The catalyst of desire.

For a moment you own my page as you owned my dreams. Your love loud as it always was as you blindly searched through the unknown forests. You started as nothing you became nothing but for a brief moment in-between you were everything. You caught me, my wings out stretched after years of hunting you held me in your hands and carefully closed the cage door. Suffocating me with layer upon layer, releasing me. Inhibitions left hanging at the door each night you pulled me into your fantasies. Lit up my world, ignited flame after flame. You started out as nothing for years you were nothing, you ended up as nothing and in-between the blurring days you became a catalyst for desire. You held my spirit firmly in your hands and caressed it’s very essence with cum soaked fingers. I was the prey you were the hunter, I was never capable of forgiving you for the atrocities you committed as you hunted me. Still, for a moment you were everything, you were my catalyst to you I owe my desire.

Karen Hayward ©2016.