My kinda different.Writing prompt., Diverse.

Writing prompt diverse

She isn’t like you,
she’s different.
She isn’t wrong,
and neither are you.
She’s just different.
She has a love of films,
So long as they ain’t for kids.
She thinks Tim Burton rocks,
and don’t ever,
I mean ever
play Marvel/DC/star wars eye spy with her,
you will lose.
She can tell you what day any date within the month will be,
she spent ten minutes searching her monopoly money for the £60 note.
She loves the bad boys, Anakin, Oscar, Wolverine, Tony Stark….poor Captain America always gets a raw deal from her.
She thinks everyone deserves to be helped,
no matter what the crime.
She holds open doors and smiles,
but gets so utterly confused when people don’t say, thank you
and tears fall and fall.
Shes hot, always, like a walking radiator,
I know why you stare as rain falls and everyone huddles in their hat, scarf and gloves,
except her, in her shorts and t-shirt dancing through the puddles
I know why you stare,
I wish you knew how much I cared.
I understand what you see
I try to believe.
Yeah she’s a little harder than others,
and you’ll spend the day repeating yourself,
until she realises, over there means over there!
She can’t tie laces or brush her hair,
She needs prompting to dress
and never, ever grabs her coat…or jumper.
Making a mess is easy
tidying it up is a battleground,
she needs what she needs,
some days nothing,
Other days she has an arm full of teddies a bag of clothes, books, DVDs, dolls, action figures and random stones,
‘here’ she says cramming it in the bag
without it, the day just won’t happen,
so together we push, pull and heave.
She’s not like you,
she’s different,
she’s still a kid of almost nine,
just a kid,
she’s not like yours,
she’s different
and that’s okay,
she’s my kinda different.

Karen Hayward ©2016

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