Cover them in Satan’s cream.

Once upon a day gone by beneath a deafening
thunderous sky. I waged a war on life
itself, gave my all with love and grace and
then just simply let it fall. I walked on sullen tippy toes
followed life’s incessant flow. Stopped for neither man nor beast
upon this life i’d lovingly feast. Once upon a day far gone
I danced to another song, with hidden lyrics and a tasty beat
constantly moving my naked feet.
I devoured hearts and stole away dreams
covered them in Satan’s cream. I never looked back,
never questioned my track, never cared for the consequences
my fear to attach was relentless.
Once upon a night long gone I sold my soul in the devils song.
I’ve since begged and pleaded to have it back
he only laughs and says ‘you’ll have only a crack.
You’ll see out, but they’ll not look back.’

Karen Hayward ©2017
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2 thoughts on “Cover them in Satan’s cream.

  1. So way back when I was in college (the distant year of 2002), a poetry instructor told us that rhyming poetry was more of a thing of the past and rather blase. Usually when I would read something that rhymed, I rolled my eyes and moved on, but after these last few pieces of yours I’m smiling and enjoying them and getting into it (maybe because they’re erotic?). But the voice you write with, along with the subject matter makes it feel just right, and I love it!

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    1. Thank you Myke 😊
      I was also told something similar when studying for my degree, rhyme has a childlike feel to it, which is a shame as when done well it can be very powerful. I’m an owner of a g+ poetry community and I commonly see rhyme used… And abused.
      I’m pleased this one kept your eyes from rolling… Thank you have a great Sunday 😊

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