Reoccurring dreams.

It is said that reoccurring dreams are a trick designed by our subconscious that allows it to communicate with us. Our subconscious can explore themes freely as we dream, feeding, subliminally messages to us.
Recently my dreams have been plagued with repetition, I’m hopeful that by writing it here they will somehow start to make sense.

The church.
I walk toward the church and nothing seems out of place. The Our Lady of Light church is a stone’s throw from the beach and as I walk there I can hear the soft ebbing tide, taste the salt air. However when I get inside of the church it changes. It is still clearly catholic but suddenly  I am aware of another layer, a basement/ cellar, I want to go down there I am drawn to go down there but I get the feeling from the congregation I am wrong to want to go down there. I go down there anyway. But as of yet I cannot recall any details of what happens down there. But as I leave the Father softly squeezes my hands and smiles warmly at me.

I’ve never dreamed about shoes before and yet now they’re in just about every dream!! Last night I dreamed I had left my shoes on a bus to the airport  we had 20 seconds to get them, I decided to leave them and instead travelled bare foot.
I’ve also dreamed that I was wearing to black ankle boots, odd ones!

I keep dreaming that I very very almost miss my flight. The planes are never quite normal, this one looked much like a bus with wheels, sometimes they have no outer shell at all!!

I dreamt we had two moons in the sky, the soft white one we often seen in the daytime as well  as a darker more detailed moon, they sat in the sky together, next to one another. In this dream I was out with someone and they turned to me said this is one those moments, he then snapped a picture if it,  before turning the camera toward me to take a picture of us.

The house.
I have had many house dreams, the house represents us. In the past I have dreamt of the same house over and over with secret rooms but I always ended up in the loft/ attic. A room filled with books and pens and paper…I stopped having this dream as soon as I started on my path as a writer. But recently I have been dreaming of another house, again the same house each time, the same person in that house and always focused in the living room. The décor is muted, shades of brown, it’s not my house.

I have always been fascinated by dreams. As a young girl I had bad nightmares and I learned how to move from one dream into another. As I grew up I learned the art of lucid dreaming, a dream state that gives me far more awareness and control. I’m hopeful that by writing these dreams down my mind will now release them and I can go back to dreaming about being a spy :-).

Karen Hayward ©2016.

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